James Vance

Warehouse- Receiving

What`s your job at at Wilson Brown sock company?

My job is to receive goods into the warehouse, help keep inventory over our stock, and restock the picking locations where the socks are pulled for the customers orders.

How long have your worked there?

Since August 12, 2021

Favorite Wilson Brown sock and why?

Brown Dog! Any day of the week i want Brown Dog on my feet. I think they are very comfortable I do not have to worry about them sliding down into my boot throughout the day. The no show sports are perfect for summertime and tennis shoes. There are so many awesome styles and designs i would own a pair of each one if my sock drawer was big enough.

Favorite inspirational quote or scripture?

Be silent before the lord and wait expectantly for him; do not be agitated by one who prospers by his way. by the man that carries out evil plans. refrain from anger and give up your rage; do not be agitated-it can only bring harm. for evildoers will be destroyed. but those who put their faith in the lord will inherit the land. Psalm 37:7-9

Where would you like to take your Wilson Brown socks on the perfect vacation?

Anywhere in nature with my wife and kids at a campsite (preferably near a river or lake), enjoying the the outdoors and making memories.

At the end of the day what is your favorite thing to do in your Wilson Brown socks?

Relaxing with my wife and kids hearing about there day, over a game of Uno or checkers, and just enjoying the blessings I have been given.